Help Getting Started

NEPTUNE is a neural network model trained using experimentally validated antimicrobial peptides and random non-secretory non-antimicrobial peptides. The peptide sequences that the model was trained and validated on are available for download here.

Predicting Peptide Antimicrobial Activity

To predict the antimicrobial activity of a peptide, enter its sequence in the text box on the main page in FASTA format.

FASTA format consists of a line with the > character followed by the peptide name, and the peptide amino acid sequence, in single letter format, on the following line. Only the canonical 20 amino acids are supported, non-natural amino acids are not supported. Then press "Run Prediction"

The following is an example of a valid input for the prediction of a single peptide:

Predicting Antimicrobial Activity of Multiple Peptides

Multiple sequences are also allowed. To predict multiple sequences, enter them in the text box in FASTA format, similarly to the single peptide prediction. Follow the first entry with the second entry on the following line. The following is valid input for the prediction of three peptides: